If you are interested in adopting a bird send a mail to “bird (at)”
It does not cost anything. You will receive reports about when and where your bird is, if it’s being spotted. There will be options for receiving updates by different electronic services.

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  15 Responses to “Adopt”

  1. Jeg vil også ha en måke

  2. Jeg vil gjerne ha en fugl

  3. Hej
    Adopterar gärna en kråka i kvarkenområdet i Finland, om finns
    kurt b

  4. It will be a interesting thing to adopt a bird and know it’s movement anytime.

    Looking forward !

  5. Skulle vilja adoptera en kråka, gemensamt åt mig och mitt barnbarn Mirella.
    ha det gott

  6. Hej! Jag vill gärna adoptera en kråka!

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