May 252011

Here are photos of the bean geese currently in the project. They look like mug shots (sorry geese!, the only thing we suspect you of is being endangered). The individual data of the geese have to be password protected because the research results are unpublished. Individual users have access to one bird each.

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May 162011

Follow part of a trip that Charles, a Lesser Black-backed Gull, made from Guernsey to Spain. He’s the youngster (the brown one) on the picture in the beginning. He’s one of the gulls I got from Paul Veron. See the link Gernsey gulls in the sidebar. He was tagged as a chick on Alderney and spent the spring around Madrid. I hope to add some google earth functionality so that adopters can follow the flight of their own bird. I just need a way to automate this.

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May 152011

Here are most of the gulls currently available for the project. Photos by Paul Veron.

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May 112011

The project is progressing and adoption is now possible. Many thanks to those who took their time answering my e-mails! This picture is a bean goose from Tomas Aarvak and Ingar Øyen’s project in Norway. More info is available by following the links in the sidebar. This is a Finnish project so I’m  working on finding some Finnish birds and solving formal matters. Hopefully it will work out. Othervise it will be a Finnish project with only Norwegian and English birds. Photo: Tomas Aarvak.

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